Pipe Lining and Patch Lining

If you are continually having issues with your drains then you may have underlying problems with your pipes which need to be repaired. You may notice a foul smell, localised flooding or the ground subsiding in places.

A CCTV drainage survey may highlight a cracked, fractured or leaking pipe and this needs fixing to avoid damage and flooding to your home or office. Left untreated, a leaking pipe may eventually result in building subsidence as the water will wash away the surrounding soil which will impact the foundations of the building.

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Fractures, Cracks and Holes

Fractures, cracks and holes in pipes can be caused by tree roots, animal infestations, pressure from above from heavy vehicles, movement in the ground or corrosion due to the age of the pipes. These issues may also impact on the joints in-between pipes, causing misalignment and leaking.

No-Dig Technology

The good news is that defective pipework does not always require excavation to repair. Problems such as cracks, holes and open or displaced joints can be rectified using no-dig technology resulting in minimum disruption. This is achieved by lining or patch lining the pipework. Relining is a proven and established method of pipe repair and is very cost effective compared to excavation and complete pipe replacement. Pipe lining is approved by engineers, surveyors, architects and local authorities as a proven repair method.


Effectively, a resin sleeve is inserted into the existing drain or sewer, restoring structural integrity. Relining the drain makes it more durable than the original pipe and ensures it’s longetivity. If there is a small section of the pipework or crack to be repaired then this can be done using patch lining to seal the leak. This process eliminates the need for excavation at greater cost, time and disruption which means your repairs can be carried out very quickly and efficiently.

If your insurance company is covering the repairs to your drains then we can contact them and liaise with them on your behalf so you do not have to spend time dealing with issue or try and explain the work which is required and being undertaken.