Pipe Descaling

Photo of a drainage pipe blocked with limescale

The water in Sussex and Surrey is hard water. This water has a high mineral content due to the limestone and chalk the water has gone through during the water cycle.

Hard water causes limescale deposits which you may notice in your kettle as it becomes clogged up or you can see the white stains on your taps which are hard to remove. Left untreated these deposits accumulate and result in appliances working inefficiently and perhaps even prevent them from functioning at all.

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Limescale Deposits

It is not just household appliances however which suffer from limescale build up. The hard water passing through the pipework and drains in your property or business also deposits limescale as it flows through. These hard deposits build up over time and cause a narrowing in the pipes meaning flow is reduced. This build up of limescale may result in blockages and flooding if left untreated. The limescale deposits are incredibly hard and difficult to remove, becoming as hard as cement over time.


We understand you will need a toilet blockage clearing quickly and efficiently as soon as possible. We are highly skilled and have a great deal of expertise in clearing toilet blockages and will do this for you. Drainflow Solutions use electro-mechanical equipment for the clearance of difficult, hard to reach blockages and we will ensure the water is free flowing and the drains are clear.

Help is hand. If your supply is affected by limescale deposits, Drainflow Solutions can carry out a pipe de-scaling process to remove the build up from the pipes and drains ensuring your water is free flowing again. We do this using a specialised cutting head which protects the pipe whilst scraping off the limescale deposits from the inside of the pipe. This removes the build up and we then flush the system through to remove all the debris and ensure it is completely clear.

Doing a thorough job with the jetting tool results in clean drains and pipes with reduced risk of blockages and damage to pipework. This method also lasts a long time as the deposits will take a number of years to build to this level again.

Our Advice

We advise clients not to dispose of anything using the toilet other than the waste it was intended for and a necessary amount of toilet paper. Anything else should be disposed of using a bin, even those products marked by the manufacturer as ‘flushable’ as many of these items do not break down and simply cause problems in the drainage system.