Drain Repairs

Drain and sewer repairs need to be undertaken quickly as they can cause flooding and damage to your home or office and in some cases they can even result in building subsidence if not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

A broken or damaged drain or sewer may be identified using a CCTV drainage survey, through persistent drainage issues or you may have flooding which highlights there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Damage to your drains and sewers can be caused by number of factors.

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Collapsed Pipework

Pipes can collapse due to corrosion caused by age or through too much pressure on top of them. Damage could be caused by ground movement, invasive tree roots close to the drains, vehicle damage or house subsidence. Collapsed and damaged pipes can also cause house subsidence themselves as if left undetected the leaking water erodes the surrounding soil which can have a devastating impact on a building’s foundations.

Cracked or Fractured Pipework

Cracks and fractures in drains are often caused by tree roots or animal infestation or burrowing. They can also be due to the age of the drains and sewers as many of these systems were installed a number of years ago. Back then pipes were made of earthenware which makes them more susceptible to damage than the modern pipes used in building construction today.

The Solution

Whatever the cause of the damage your drains and sewers, it needs to be rectified quickly before it causes further issues for your property and grounds. In some instances, the need for excavation to repair is unavoidable due to the severity of the damage. From a minor repair to the complete renewal of a drainage system, Drainflow Solutions have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to undertake any drainage repairs required. We do this to the very highest standard leaving you with fully functioning drains for many years to come. We are fully insured and all work is guaranteed*. We will also ensure we leave your premises in a good state of repair following the work we have carried out on the drains themselves.

(* Subject to our Terms and Conditions.)

Whether you have a fractured or cracked pipe or a collapsed or damaged drain, Drainflow Solutions is here to help. If you need us to deal with your insurance we can liaise with them and carry out the required work with minimum stress and disruption for you. You can rest assured you are in safe hands based on our Checkatrade Reviews. To arrange your drainage repairs please call us now on 01403 588771 or 07710 469748.