Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet can be disastrous and sends most people into a panic, whether in your home or business premises. The blockage can cause dirty water from the toilet to overflow onto the floor and cause damage. The water may even seep through the floor and damage the ceiling below.

We recommend staying calm and please do not resort to keep flushing the toilet to try and clear the blockage yourself as this can cause even more water to back up and spill over the toilet bowl.

Many toilet blockages can be quickly resolved and Drainflow Solutions offer fixed fee drain unblocking for you. You will be safe in the knowledge that you will pay exactly the amount we quote and no more than this. There is no toilet blockage we have not seen before and we are available for drain clearance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can normally fix the issue very quickly for you as we are experts in clearing blockages however we have plenty of equipment with us should the need arise for a more complex solution.

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We cover Sussex and Surrey, working from Guildford to Crawley and from Horsham to Brighton as well as all the surrounding areas including Chichester, Haywards Heath and Worthing. Please contact us on 01403 588771 or 07710 469748 for all your drainage requirements.

What causes a toilet blockage?

The main causes of blocked toilets are nappies, sanitary waste, large amounts of toilet paper, baby and facial wipes and even sometimes toys and mobile phones. A blockage can also be caused by a broken pipe which causes waste to build up which will then prevent free flowing drainage.

Clearing the blocked toilet

We understand you will need a toilet blockage clearing quickly and efficiently as soon as possible. We are highly skilled and have a great deal of expertise in clearing toilet blockages and will do this for you. Drainflow Solutions use electro-mechanical equipment for the clearance of difficult, hard to reach blockages and we will ensure the water is free flowing and the drains are clear.

Our advice

We advise clients not to dispose of anything using the toilet other than the waste it was intended for and a necessary amount of toilet paper. Anything else should be disposed of using a bin, even those products marked by the manufacturer as ‘flushable’ as many of these items do not break down and simply cause problems in the drainage system.

Peace of mind

Drainflow Solutions offer fixed fee drain unblocking so the price we quote is the price you pay. We are trained to City and Guilds standards and have seen and fixed it all in our many years of drain unblocking. We are proud to be Checkatrade members. All our work is completed with care and diligence carried out and is fully guaranteed*.

(* Subject to our Terms and Conditions.)