Drainflow Solutions are experts in blocked drains, toilets, sinks, showers, baths, sewers and pipes.

We provide drain and sewer repairs, manhole inspections and repairs and pipe and patch lining.

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We cover Sussex and Surrey, working from Guildford to Crawley and from Horsham to Brighton as well as all the surrounding areas including Chichester, Haywards Heath and Worthing. Please contact us on 01403 588771 or 07710 469748 for all your drainage requirements.

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Blocked Drains and Sewers

Do you have a blocked drain or sewer? If your toilet is difficult to flush, the water is taking longer to drain from your sink, bath or shower or there is a bad smell coming from your drains then you could have a blockage which needs to be cleared.

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Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet can be disastrous and sends most people into a panic, whether in your home or business premises. The blockage can cause dirty water from the toilet to overflow onto the floor and cause damage. The water may even seep through the floor and damage the ceiling below.

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Blocked Sinks, Baths and Showers

No one wants a flood in their kitchen or bathroom but this could happen with a blocked sink. If you find water is not draining quickly or there is still plenty of water in the sink even without the plug in then you may have a blockage which requires clearance.

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Pipe Descaling

The water in Sussex and Surrey is very hard. This water has a high mineral content due to the limestone and chalk the water has gone through during the water cycle.

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CCTV Surveys

You may find that your drains have reoccurring blockages and regularly need clearing which is an indication there is an underlying problem causing drainage issues. These problems can be detected using a professional drainage CCTV survey.

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Drain Repairs

Drain and sewer repairs need to be undertaken quickly as they can cause flooding and damage to your home or office and in some cases they can even result in building subsidence if not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

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Manhole Inspection and Repair

Manholes allow for inspection of drainage systems either manually or via a CCTV survey. They enable the maintenance of the drains and access for clearance of any blockages to ensure free flowing systems.

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Pipe Lining and Patch Lining

If you are continually having issues with your drains then you may have underlying problems with your pipes which need to be repaired. You may notice a foul smell, localised flooding or the ground subsiding in places.