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Root Cutting

Nature means that plant and tree roots will always grow towards water and they thrive in damp conditions. This means that your drains are the ideal habitat for them with water and nutrients in abundance.

However, tree and plant roots can play havoc with drainage systems, causing cracks, fractures, blockages, breakages and in some instances even the collapse of the drain itself. They can be very invasive and fill a pipe with a root mass leading to tap roots taking hold within the pipe.


Drainflow Solutions offer a root cutting service for your pipework. This may be required as the result of a CCTV drainage survey or you may require this as part of a maintenance program as pipe repairs will be too costly and prohibitive. We use a mechanical process for root cutting within drains which utilises special attachments on our high pressure water jetting system to cut through the roots.

Once the root mass has been cleared and the drains are free flowing again, we can carry out structural pipe lining if required to prevent any further root ingress into the pipework. This will help keep the pipes remain clear in the future..