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Manhole Inspection & Repairs

Manholes allow for inspection of drainage systems either manually or via a CCTV survey. They enable the maintenance of the drains and access for clearance of any blockages to ensure free flowing systems.

Perhaps you have an unadopted sewer on your land or a manhole cover on your property. If so you will want to catch problems before they become major issues with regular manhole inspections. Drainflow Solutions can inspect your manhole and drainage system visually or using CCTV equipment and assess any issues arising from the inspection.


If the system has suffered from subsidence and collapsed or part of the benching has broken away to cause a blockage, we can rebuild the manhole and replace the cover for you. We can also repair or replace the benching so the chambers drain correctly. We use resins and grouts to seal the system to avoid any leakages and ensure the system functions correctly for many years to come.

If you merely have a rusty or broken manhole cover which needs replacing, we will check the frame and benching for you and then supply a new cover ensuring it fits securely and safely.

Whether you need a manhole inspection, a manhole cover replacing or a complete rebuild, Drainflow Solutions can carry out the required work for you quickly and efficiently at a very cost effective price. Working across Sussex and Surrey, including Crawley, Horsham, Brighton and Hove, Worthing, Guildford and Shoreham, we are highly trained and experienced as can be seen from our excellent Check-a-Trade reviews.