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High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting is used inside drains to clear blockages and to maintain pipework to ensure water remains free flowing through the system. It is a very efficient and economical method of cleaning and maintenance as it uses pressurised water to do the job, which also means it is an environmentally friendly process.

Traditionally drain rods were used to clear blockages in drains, however they had a tendency to just push the blockage further along the system. This would temporarily clear the problem and allow water to follow however after a while the blockage would resurface and cause further issues.


High pressure jet washing avoids this and resolves the issue immediately as it uses powerful water jets to break down sewage, soil, grease, fat and other substances in the pipes. The system is flexible and goes through the pipes and round bends to efficiently clean the entire system. There are different heads to treat different issues and the system can be used for clearing blockages within internal and external pipework.

Whilst this process is often used to unblock drains, it is also very beneficial as a maintenance process to avoid blockages, cracks and damage through regular cleaning of pipework. Drainflow Solutions work with a number of businesses maintaining their drainage systems to ensure any issues are minimised due to regular inspections and cleaning.

The high-pressure water jetting system requires trained professionals to operate it and we are highly trained and skilled in using this equipment. We are fully insured and all our work is guaranteed* to the highest quality.

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