CCTV Surveys

You may find that your drains have reoccurring blockages and regularly need clearing which is an indication there is an underlying problem causing drainage issues. These problems can be detected using a professional drainage CCTV survey.

Once the issue is identified we can advise you on the most efficient and cost effective way of resolving the problem. This can be dealt with to avoid any further issues and expense. We have all the latest hi-tech equipment and skills to resolve any drainage issues highlighted by the CCTV survey.

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New Homes

You may require a CCTV drainage survey as you are purchasing a new home. It is rare when buying a new property for a standard house survey to include a CCTV survey of the drains. If there are any faults within the drainage system when you move in, this can lead to unnecessary upset and expense and you may not be covered by your insurance company. With a comprehensive pre-purchase CCTV drainage survey this is avoidable. Our CCTV survey with extensive information on any blockages or other issues can be forwarded to the existing owners to rectify any faults before you buy.

Drainage Issues

Alternatively you may be a property owner with a drainage fault on your existing house. If your drains are covered through your insurance, we can contact and liaise with your insurers directly, eliminating any hassle or stress for you. We can then provide them with a quote to rectify the problem or carry out any repairs necessary.

CCTV drainage surveys can also be used for preventative maintenance purposes for your commercial business to avoid emergency drain clearance or unblocking which could impact your business. This is particularly important if you are in the hospitality industry operating a hotel, restaurant or residential home or a business where continuity is key. We also carry out CCTV surveys on building sites to review the drainage systems and conduct CCTV drainage inspections for factories and industrial units.

You can rely on Drainflow Solutions for professional drainage CCTV surveys. We offer basic ‘look and see’ surveys for fault identification or full colour surveys with site reports for both domestic and commercial customers.