Blocked Sinks, Showers and Baths

Photo of water running down a plughole

No one wants a flood in their kitchen or bathroom but this could happen with a blocked sink. If you find water is not draining quickly or there is still plenty of water in the sink even without the plug in then you may have a blockage which requires clearance.

You may notice your bath is not emptying as quickly as it used to or you are left standing in a puddle at the end of your shower and these are signs the bath or shower is blocked. A foul smell from the sink, bath or shower can also indicate a blockage.

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Blocked Sinks

All manner of things are emptied into a sink and the main culprits of blockages are grease, fat and food. These can quickly block up the pipework and get stuck in the u-bend resulting in water not being able to drain efficiently from the sink. Once the u-bend is blocked then this needs to be removed and cleared and the pipework may also need cleaning and unblocking due to fat and grease deposits.

Blocked Baths and Showers

Daily showers and baths can quickly lead to blockages in the pipework. If the water is draining slowly from the bath or you have a puddle of water left in the shower tray once you’ve showered then you have a blockage that requires clearance. This is likely to be caused by toiletries and hair building up in the drains – just as scum builds up in the shower which you clean off, it also builds up inside the pipework. This build up of hair, toiletries and scum needs to be cleared to enable free flowing water out of the bath and shower.

The Solution

Drainflow Solutions provide quick and efficient fixed fee drain clearance, what we quote is what you pay. We use high pressure jetting to clean pipework and drains and use specialist electro-mechanical equipment for the clearance of difficult, hard to reach blockages to avoid more disruptive and invasive procedures in your home.

We are available to clear drain blockages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can also see reviews from our clients on our Check-a-Trade page which shows we have a reputation for a high quality professional service. We are fully insured and our work is guaranteed*.

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